Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

Remember when we talked on the phone the other day and I told you Grandpa Jay and I were going to an airshow so he could talk to pilots and keep them safe, and you giggled and said
"That's not what he do!".

I thought I would send you some pictures so you can see Grandpa Jay working.

Look at all the bags Grandpa Jay and his friend Mike packed. That's a lot! :-)

(Okay... Nana's being silly. They didn't really take all those bags.)

And here is the office he set up this weekend:

Look at these cool airplanes! My favorite is the red one.

Now the pilots have to talk to the people in the tower to make sure

they don't crash into each other in the air.

And they talk to Grandpa Jay to watch out for big clouds and storms in the sky.

Look at this parachute guy carrying a flag! That was so cool!

They even played the star spangled banner

as he flew in and started the special events at the airshow.

And look at these two planes!

They were amazing pilots doing lots of turns and flips with their planes at the same time.

I even took a movie for you. This pilot was amazing!

She was flying so fast and high and went round and round and up and down...

and it made my tummy feel weird just watching her!