Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Isn't she lovely?!

Jenna's time in braces has come to an end.

She's burst from her cocoon into a beautiful butterfly!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Elizabeth Knows her ABC's


Here's the video I tried to post last week. Not sure what I did wrong but let's try again. She's so cute!

I miss you Elizabeth!!

Our Family Tree

My dear sister bought us this beautiful tree for a housewarming gift. Yes... about 16 months ago! We hung the tree up long ago but have been pokey putting the photos up. Last week the girls helped arranged the frames and ribbons. Just like the love for our family, this wall will continue to grow as we add more pics through the years.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Boastful Nana Moments


Such adorable girls!

My New Happy Place

You know how when things are tough (like labor) and you mentally take yourself to your "happy place"? For as long as I can remember, my happy place as been the beach. Well, not any more!
Jayson picked us up at the airport Saturday and drove us to their beautiful home. Mary and I were sitting in the living room as I (im)patiently waited for Elizabeth to wake up. But how nice to have some quiet time meeting our newest granddaughter. Madeline is just beautiful. The smell, the coos, the smiles... she's just perfect. THAT became my new happy place.
But...then, Elizabeth woke up! The moment of her recognition (once she could see through the sleep in her eyes) and the pitter pat of her running feet and the huge hug! Now I understand.... Grandchildren are truly just that.... GRAND children!
THESE sweet moments of joy are my new happy place.